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What is it?
A physical or Augmented Reality (AR) version of the “promoted content” we see on social media, which shows where citizen data is being captured and how it is being used, along Camden’s streets, parks and canals.

Why is it useful?
If we are to have a democratic discussion about how data is collected and used in urban spaces we must ensure that there is a basic level of data literacy across the community. For a start, we need to start by making “urban data” less abstract and more accessible as a topic for discussion.

The campaign can be used to increase transparency and trust in responsible data collection and ownership practices. It could form part of a more widespread data education campaign and provide a platform for ethical regulation of data and public AR.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Camden residents
  • Data collecting businesses
  • Data sharing & privacy experts
  • AR technology providers & platforms
  • AR art community

Where do we start?
  • Identify and map current data collection and sharing processes in Camden with businesses and residents.
  • Run a workshop to ideate how urban data collection could be made more visible – through AR or physical interventions.
  • Work with data privacy experts and community representatives to design a data literacy campaign.
  • Work with local businesses, data collection organisations and Camden residents to develop the physical or mixed-reality interventions.
  • Co-design proposals with residents, businesses, AR technology experts and data privacy experts.

Some thoughts…
  • What would be the incentive for businesses to engage in this?
  • Could this become an AR app for “data graffiti” or the equivalent of IKEA’s “try before you buy” app, but for data?
  • How does consent work for urban data?