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What is it?
A civic bonus or credit scheme for those conducting community work on top of their job description.

Why is it useful?
Certain jobs are ideally placed to do work that provides widespread communal benefit, even if it falls outside their core job description. Postal workers, security guards, public transport drivers & conductors, are all well placed to offer community support - checking up on those who are vulnerable or keeping an eye out for anti-social behaviour. Often these people already go above and beyond their roles but we don’t have a system in place to recognise or reward their civic effort.

A bonus or credit scheme to reward community work could create a new mechanism for a caring community, increasing social capital and providing a wider community support network. Micro-payments or free education and training could be offered in exchange for providing community-minded work.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Camden Council
  • ‘Community Heroes’
  • Postal workers, security guards, public transport employees…
  • Camden residents
  • Vulnerable communities

Where do we start?
  • Identify, research and map workers and roles where civic duties are already being carried out.
  • Map where in the community additional support is required and match available 'caretakers'.
  • Run a workshop with community representation to democratically identify the nature of community work required and an equitable compensation framework.
  • Work with Camden council, local businesses and 3rd sector funding organisations to identify how scheme might be funded.
  • Design and develop a prototype network of 'community caretakers' and desirable rewards system.

Some thoughts…
  • How would we engage a business to trial this?
  • How would we prevent people from exploiting the system and verify “civic work” carried out?