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What is it?
A democratic mechanism for governing and regulating urban data, putting public data in the public realm, for anyone to use for communal benefit.

Why is it useful?
We are struggling to govern data. We need an active and engaged debate. We need mechanisms for improving the ethical standards, reducing abuses, increasing accountability and piloting experiments which facilitate greater control for citizens and greater value for the public.

There are already a number of engaged conversations and awareness campaigns – for example Nesta's 'The new ecosystem of trust' or the ODI's pilot data trust in Greenwich – with whom we can co-learn or 'partner' with, in order to coordinate efforts.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Camden Council
  • Open Data & data sharing experts – e.g. the ODI
  • Data lawyers & privacy experts
  • Camden residents
  • Other data related consortiums – e.g. DECODE, NGI (Next Generation Internet)

Where do we start?
  • Identify accessible datasets and existing data sharing protocols - e.g. ODI with Sharing Cities data in Greenwich
  • Map the probable, possible and desirable data ecosystem, gaining insights from Camden residents, businesses and technology experts.
  • Work with data lawyers and privacy experts to draft data trust framework.
  • Co-develop a prototype data trust structure and identify data permissions, sharing licences, data standards and overall governance.
  • Identify which aspect of the Community Data Trust could be piloted in Camden.

Some thoughts…
  • How could we establish trust in “data” which appears abstract to citizens?
  • How do we identify data sets which are most accessible and most engaging for citizens and Alt.Cmd communities?
  • Are there existing institutions that are well equipped to take on the additional responsibility of data stewardship?