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What is it?
A policy to ensure businesses that collect data, share some of it, so communities can use it to create social value.

Why is it useful?
Would you be more likely to share information with businesses if you knew that they were legally required to share the data for community benefit? The value of data comes from scale, but organisations working to create social value often don’t have the resources to collect large data sets.

Private companies are far better equipped to collect and analyse vast quantities of user data, using it to drive profits and grow their business. If we could regulate private companies to collect and share their data – as well as the predictive models of a city they create from it – responsibly, whilst committing to provide a certain proportion of anonymised open data, could we create a more harmonious data economy?

Who would need to be involved?
  • Camden residents
  • Data gathering businesses
  • Data policy experts
  • Data standards & sharing experts
  • Camden Council

Where do we start?
  • Identify and map examples of where positive data sharing is currently working.
  • Work with data privacy and sharing experts to research most appropriate data sharing protocols and corresponding data regulations.
  • Run design workshop with local businesses, community representatives and data experts to identify desirable data regulations.
  • Co-develop paper prototype regulation with data policy experts.
  • Develop and trial proposed data sharing regulation with local businesses and community groups in Camden.

Some thoughts…
  • How do you protect individuals privacy or anonymise the data?
  • How do you define how much or what type of data should be shared?
  • Is data donation or data philanthropy desirable?