Alternative Camden - Ideas




What is it?
Place-based crowdfunding platform for the collective and localised transition to low-carbon energy and efficiency improvements, one street at a time.

Why is it useful?
The equipment we require, to move to low-carbon energy sources and make our homes energy efficient, is readily available, but the upfront cost is still prohibitive. Localised crowdsourcing of money, ideas and labour could make this step much more manageable.

Solar panels, battery storage and passive house retrofits could be implemented more efficiently - both in terms of cost and energy savings - at the scale of the street, rather than the individual house. Distributed ledgers, micro energy grids and dynamic demand, could enable the sale of excess energy to be automatically distributed back to community investors or pooled to create a street improvement or crisis fund.

Who needs to be involved?
  • Camden residents
  • Renewable energy providers
  • Local council
  • Crowdfunding platform provider
  • Local businesses & community organisations

Where do we start?
  • Research and map existing crowdsourcing platforms for community energy projects and collective housing improvements.
  • Identify how the platform could be designed to efficiently identify collective needs and distribute communal revenues.
  • Hold a workshop to engage a specific street in Camden and co-design desirable platform.
  • Identify the technology required to develop platform and partner with technology providers.
  • Co-develop funding platform and participant governance framework.

Some Thoughts…
  • How would you create a democratic and transparent voting system for the allocation of funding?
  • Who would regulate the system and how would collective asset maintenance work?