Alternative Camden - Ideas




What is it?
An open-source digital twin of Camden allowing anyone to model the impact of infrastructural changes by superimposing open data sets.

Why is it useful?
Significant changes to city infrastructure are very difficult to test in the real-world because of the cost and disruption they cause. Creating a digital twin of Camden would allow anyone to model changes within a personal sandbox and assess their impact – we could model and test community renewable energy grids, low-carbon urban transport or permitted development rights.

We could create a city-management ‘game with a purpose’, built on real data in Camden. There could be collaborative, as well as individual sandboxes – where groups work together to achieve optimal outcomes for urban development.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Camden Council
  • Camden residents
  • Digital modelling & AR experts
  • Urban policy experts
  • Bult environment contractors

Where do we start?
  • Research existing open-source modelling platforms for cities and identify requirements for Camden's version.
  • Convene project team of technologists, local government, community representatives, local businesses and collaborate with others working with the same intentions.
  • Identify how the model should be managed, licenced and governed.
  • Identify technologies, data protocols and standards required to create model
  • Develop and start testing small scale piece of the model against real-world infrastructural changes in Camden.

Some thoughts…
  • Who should own and manage the model, how do we ensure it's used in the community's best interest?
  • How do you design it to be inclusive and accessible?