Alternative Camden - Ideas




What is it?
A carbon-neutral logistics network for Camden, creating a platform for more efficient shared last-mile delivery and secure communal drop-off locations.

Why is it useful?
While the convenience of online shopping is great for the end user, it creates an inefficient delivery network that contributes significantly to carbon emissions, air pollution, and urban congestion. If we could redesign this to be both convenient and carbon-neutral, everyone wins!

If we harness digital platform technologies to efficiently schedule deliveries to out of town hubs, before cargo bicycles and existing journeys take up the last mile, like in Ghent, we could create a much more efficient and less polluting logistics network. Secure non-proprietary lockers could also be implemented for customer collection and packaging return.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Camden Council
  • Delivery service providers
  • Community couriers
  • Camden residents
  • Storage facility providers

Where do we start?
  • Research and map the existing logistics network and plan how a low-carbon alternative might look.
  • Co-design a more desirable alternative with stakeholder representatives and identify technological and regulatory requirements.
  • Develop a paper prototype of the logistics network and identify how it could be trialled in Camden.
  • Convert paper prototype into digital platform, working with technology experts, delivery services and Camden residents.
  • Trial small-scale version of the prototype in Camden to test real-world logistics.

Some thoughts…
  • How could we make the system accessible to those who don't use online or mobile services?
  • How do you create a system that instinctively biases low-carbon alternatives?