Alternative Camden - Ideas




What is it?
A skill or job-specific open credit system, recognised by employers, to foster life-long learning.

Why is it useful?
Our education and training systems must innovate if they are to nurture the skills required for the jobs of tomorrow, whilst enabling people to develop their talent in a flexible and accessible way. An open badge-based learning scheme could allow participants to develop job-specific skillsets without embarking on lengthy and costly university courses.

Credits could be based on a digital ledger to enable candidate verification and syllabus transparency. The teaching could be a fusion of online courses, virtual reality based training and distributed learning labs, making use of the community’s existing networks of facilities and businesses.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Local schools & universities
  • Local businesses
  • Community organisations
  • Technology partners
  • Participants

Where do we start?
  • Research and map existing education and training providers in Camden.
  • Hold a workshop with young people, further education representatives, local businesses and Camden Council to identify where existing schemes are failing.
  • Run a design session with representatives from education, business and 'students' (of all ages) to imagine how an alternative scheme might look.
  • Propose a prototype 'Badge-Based' qualification and map required resources.
  • Develop a testable new micro qualification and trial across Camden.

Some thoughts…
  • How would you ensure equal access to obtaining the skills credits?
  • How do you prevent people from gaming the system?