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What is it?
A public information campaign to measure and visualise real-time air pollution data in Camden’s main public spaces, making it open and accessible for all.

Why is it useful?
It’s hard to act on things we can’t see. We’re all familiar with the feeling of inhaling polluted air, with Camden home to some of London’s most polluted streets, but knowing the effect it’s having on our health, is difficult. We need a way to get everyone on the same page so we can discuss air quality accurately and openly. So we can develop regulations that contribute to more healthy urban environments.

With the rise of low-cost sensors, data visualisation platforms and open digital ledgers we have the technologies at our disposal to accurately analyse air quality - both indoor and out. Once we’re able to effectively monitor it, we can identify the most significant contributors, providing evidence to tackle them directly.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Transport for London
  • Camden Council & Citizens' Assembly
  • Taxi drivers & distribution services
  • Vulnerable citizens - children, elderly, people with underlying health conditions
  • Sensor technology experts

Where do we start?
  • Identify and map existing sensor networks being used to monitor air quality.
  • Run a workshop to identify what data is required and how it could be visualised for greatest effect.
  • Identify the technology required to measure air quality, analyse the data and visualise it in public spaces.
  • Co-design an open and accessible “user experience” to visualise the data and provide evidence to inform regulation.
  • Deploy proposal in Camden, test use cases and use feedback to refine concept.

Some thoughts…
  • How could we integrate pollution data visualisation into the urban realm without creating visual pollution?
  • How do we prevent air quality inequality and gentrification?