Alternative Camden - Ideas



What is it?
A prototype for data driven planning permission for rooftop housing. This could be a type of automated “permitted development” to test new ways to verify site information (eg. based on satellite imagery, or photo uploads).

Why is it useful?
Housing is one of London’s biggest problems. It's expensive, low quality, energy hungry and sprawling. One of the biggest barriers to building more homes is that we don't have an easy way to make use of the many small spaces and plots around the city. It’s just not a cost effective development model.

Trialling new ways of updating our planning system for small plots and builders, as a way to open data sources and with the use of new technology, could increase the number of high quality, sustainable and genuinely affordable homes within the centre of the city.

Who needs to be involved (who is it for)?
  • Data Scientists / Developer
  • Residents looking to build more housing
  • Small scale developers
  • Camden’s planning department

Where do we start?
  • Map out the potential for rooftop and empty plots in Camden.
  • Hold a design workshop with residents, Camden Council and the GLA planning team to understand the current model of permitted development guidelines.
  • Find partner groups and organisations already working on using technology to update planning methods.
  • Simulate and test how these technologies might be put in place and how feasible they are to make a reality.
  • Hold a public workshop to grow interest in local house building on newly available plots and rooftops in Camden.

Open Questions
  1. How applicable is this idea to Camden?
  2. What’s the demand from different groups? (citizens, local council dept., local developers)