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What is it?
A digital license for temporary events, managed through your phone. For example for a music venue, a one-off gig or a pop-up theatre performance.

Why is it useful?
As a place, Camden knows something about live music and a good night out. But we also enjoy sleep. Recent threats to local nightlife, coupled with easy tools to organise pop-ups and temporary events, means we need better ways to strike a balance between a vibrant neighbourhood, and a happy and healthy place to live.

Right now, we regulate temporary events through an analogue and expensive process of licensing, the same rules apply to each neighbourhood. What if we could use this to design and test machine-readable regulation, allowing us to create hyper specific guidelines for specific people in specific locations – like for an impromptu street party.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Camden residents
  • Community groups & activists
  • Camden council and government regulators
  • Events organisers & venues
  • Machine-readable regulation experts

Where do we start?
  • Identify the demand for such a license and where it could be used in the Camden area through interviews and ethnographic research.
  • Outline current regulations and requirements, working with noise regulation and temporary event licencing experts.
  • Hold an open design workshop to translate these regulations into a machine-readable format.
  • Mock-up the user experience of someone applying for, receiving and using the license.
  • Pilot the idea with a festival or public event.

Some thoughts…
  • It turns out, if we’re persistently exposed to too much noise, it doesn’t just effect our mental health (with stress and anxiety), but can harm our physical health too…
  • How could we link this type of licensing to better understand the effects of noise on health, in our neighbourhoods?