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What is it?
A map of the social capital network across Camden to identify communities at risk and justify targeted investment.

Why is it useful?
Parts of the community that lack access to social capital—friendship and support networks—are at higher risk to personal or collective shocks such as health problems or economic downturns.

We could map social capital networks across Camden social capital using anonymised data to identify areas within the community that require preventative investment to improve community cohesion and resilience to shocks.

Who would need to be involved?
  • Camden Council
  • National Health Service
  • Camden residents
  • Data collection & visualisation experts
  • Data sharing & privacy experts

Where do we start?
  • Research existing efforts to map social capital and identify how it could be best implemented in Camden.
  • Run a design workshop with representation from residents, council, healthcare professionals and data sharing experts to develop a proposal.
  • Develop paper prototype of mapping platform, working with data experts to identify how privacy can be ensured in data collection, sharing and mapping.
  • Develop and test digital mapping tool for small scale social network analysis proof of concept.

Some thoughts…
  • How would this affect funding in areas within the community that aren’t identified as “at risk”?
  • What are the metrics that should be used for analysing social capital?